Loan Periods/Fines & Fees

Please review our Circulation Policies for a full explanation of the information below.

Loan periods are:

  • Movies: 1 week
  • TV Series: 2 weeks
  • Select New Books (browsing collection): 2 weeks
  • Holiday Books: 2 weeks
  • Teacher Collection Books: 6 weeks
  • All Other Materials: 3 weeks

Overdue fines

  • Movies & TV Series: 50 cents per item per day with a $4 max per item
  • All Other Materials: 10 cents per item per day with a $2 max per item

*Maximum Fines: If your fines exceed $10.00, your account will be blocked, and you will be restricted from checking out additional items.  The block will be removed when your fines are paid down to less than $10.00. 

*After-hours and Remote Returns: Book and AV drops are located at the main entrance of the library and at Ross' Granville Market.  Please make sure all tapes, CDs, and DVDs are in their cases before you return them.  Items returned with missing materials will not be cleared from your account until the missing materials are returned. 

Other Borrowing Fines & Regulations

Confidentiality Policy: To avoid errors and to protect the patron’s account, a patron should present a library card or photo identification when he or she checks out library materials.  If the patron cannot provide his or her library card or photo identification at checkout, library staff will verify the patron’s identity and account by asking the patron for his or her name as well as the phone number, birth date, or mailing address associated with the account.

Lost items: If you have lost or damaged library materials, you will need to pay for the cost of the item as well as any overdue fines associated with the item. If you find a lost item within one year of paying for it and it is in good condition, you may return it and ask that the library refund the cost of the item. If you returned the item, but it still appears on your library account, you can request that the library do a search of the shelves for that item.

Lost Card: Please contact us immediately to report a lost or stolen card. You are responsible for all items checked out on your library card, so please make your report as soon as possible.  Library staff will disable your lost or stolen card and provide a replacement at no cost.